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Revilo Life offer a range of commercial and personal insurance policies. Our areas of expertise include Life Assurance, Critical illness, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment, Income Protection, Death in Service policies and Relevant Life assurance. We also advise on writing our policies in trust, to protect from inheritance tax, as well as giving advice on a tax efficient approach to writing your life insurance policies if you are a director of a limited company

No matter the scale of protection you require, you will always receive the best advice possible along with a policy from some of the UK’s biggest insurers, best suited to your requirements at a very competitive price.

No obligation, No fees, just honest, impartial advice. 

Revilo Life, providing advice and financial security through trust & excellence. 

Critical illness Cover:

Critical illness insurance is designed to pay out if someone is diagnosed with any of a number of specified illnesses, and each provider offers different levels of cover and specifications. Permanent and total disability benefit can also be offered under this type of policy and has proved to be very popular with most of our clients.
Critical illness insurance can be used to protect a mortgage and can therefore be set up in joint names. It can also be used to adapt a property upon a disability claim, or to pay for private medical treatment if required. Critical illness payments are also often used to replace loss of salary through inability to work. Critical illness insurance covers cancer, heart attack and stroke as a minimum – although the exact number and type of other illnesses covered will depend on the particular provider used.

Business Protection:

Business protection can be written for key personnel to ensure the business would not suffer financially in the event of a death. Any pay-out would go direct to the business as the beneficiary written in trust, providing the policy has been written in trust.

In particular, if you are a Director of a Limited Company, we can offer personal life assurance policies, that are approved by HMRC which allows your business to pay for your own cover. This tax efficient policy allows potential savings then on your corporation tax liability and other personal taxation, and this is also exempt for Benefit In Kind taxation. So rather than paying for a policy personally as you may already be doing today, why not make use of these tax breaks and get some free advice from Revilo Life. 

There are a number of policies to protect a business include the following all of which we can provide you with advice on which product may be needed within your business and the costing surrounding it.

• Shareholder protection
• Key Person cover
• Cross option agreements
• Business loan protection

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